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The team at CHI St. Luke's Health - Brazosport Cancer Center includes physicians, therapist, nurses, dosimetrist, physicist and support staff, all working together to deliver effective treatment.

Radiation Therapists

The radiation therapists give daily radiation treatments as prescribed by the physicians.  During treatment, a radiation therapist positions the patient correctly on the treatment table and is responsible for accurately and safely delivering the radiation beam in the designated treatment area.


The nurses work closely with each patient, assisting their care needs and any questions or concerns patients may have during treatment.  Nurses, along with others, thoroughly educate each patient about their cancer treatment and possible side effects.

In addition, nursing services provides case management services for patients and their families.  Services include assessment, monitoring and appropriate medical intervention for actual and potential problems related to the disease process and treatment.


Physicists measure the radiation beams and provide the data used to plan treatments.  The physicists ensure that treatment machines are operating safely and accurately.  Frequently physicists work together with radiation oncologists and dosimetrists to perform special treatments and they participate in research and development of new treatment options.


Working under the direction of the radiation oncologists and physicists, the dosimetrists detail each patient treatment plan.  Using a computer, the dosimetrist plans the best possible radiation treatment to the targeted tumor area while minimizing the dose to nearby healthy tissue.


Clinical dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy to patients according to the disease processes and provide individual dietary consultations to patients.