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The HEART Award


Bryan Purkey, Outpatient Rehab

The HEART Award is reserved for individuals that have earned the highest level of achievement in fulfilling our mission, vision, and values. The HEART Award recipient exemplifies the behaviors that we should each display in our daily interactions with patients, their families and our fellow team members.

A two page typed letter was sent from a patient to the administrative team. Here is an excerpt from the original letter.
“Before knee replacement surgery at Texas Orthopedic Hospital in Houston, I researched many rehab places regarding the quality of physical therapy services provided. After meeting with Brazosport Regional Outpatient Rehab, I decided to seek services with your facility. Upon the first appointment, I was in a great deal of pain and Dr. Purkey took me as I was, and caused me the least amount pain and stress necessary at the initial session, and sent me home to rest and begin my recovery.

Throughout the course therapy, I was impressed with several things, Dr. Purkey possess a depth and breadth of knowledge of his craft; he was firm but compassionate; he strove to make sure I accomplished new things each session such that my progress was constant and measurable; he insured that, although most sessions involved pain and fatigue, I was neither too tired nor in too much pain, and consequently I was always encouraged and never discouraged at my progress, and I was always willing and ready to go back to the next session. Dr. Purkey is an extraordinarily strong asset to your team of outpatient rehab PT’s. On the surface, perhaps, one could say Dr. Purkey was just doing his job and that his acts were not major; however, the quality with which he did his job was what made all the difference. I am happy to say that, at my 6 weeks’ post-surgery appointment, my surgeon and his surgery assistant were most pleased and satisfied with my progress, which they detailed at being in excess of the hoped-for achievement of range of motion of the knee at the 6 weeks’ point following surgery. I attribute this success solely to Dr. Purkey.

Again, I am very grateful for the services provided by Brazosport Regional Outpatient Rehab Services and I specifically commend Dr. Purkey to you as he is a strong asset and a credit to your operation.” Thank you Bryan for delivering Healthcare with Excellence and Compassion and for your dedication in making BRHS a premier healthcare system.